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Faux Finishing


Nov 1 New Artwork
Satay Bistro Restaurant
2501 4th street
Cd'A 208- 765-2555 

SteelHead Bar & Grill

Howard St, Downtown

Spokane. Nov-April

11 paintings on display.



Variety is the Spice of life.

Portfolio...Most pieces are available.

Christmas Craft Shows

Deaconess Medical Ctr  Fri Nov 4  7am-4
        Downtown  Spokane
Jefferson Elementary  123E. 12th  9am-4
        South Hill, Spokane

Portfolio Pieces for Purchase

Animal Wine Toppers  are always available for gifts on my Etsy site.

Paintings, gourds, pet portraits, and personalized cartoon caricatures are also available on request through Etsy.

I specialize in painting techniques that bring elegant design to every living space.  Accent walls, fireplaces, ceilings, counter tops, and furniture.